Self Love Series: Joyce, Calligrapher

I have always had a strong interest in the creative field, especially in the creative process. From a young age, I fell in love with the concept of the handmade. I loved expressing myself through a multitude of mediums - from charcoal drawings, to watercolor paintings to creating complex digital designs.  When I entered the architecture field as a junior professional, I lost that personal touch to the things I was creating. I was wrapped up in learning the technical aspects of the industry, and was trained to cater to a very commercial environment. I was designing everyday, but I didn’t feel creative, and I was consumed by frustration as none of it felt authentic. I stumbled across calligraphy and it became the thing I looked forward to everyday after I got off my 9-5 job. I strongly believe that everyone has something to offer, and when you put yourself out there in the way you know best, you will find your audience.



I don’t have a regular routine, but I find it important to detach from the digital world by being close to nature. I go on long walks with my puppy, it’s a great way to let my brain rest and let my body move. On a busy day, I also enjoy practicing simple core routines on a yoga mat in the comfort of my garden. Introducing this routine into my day has been refreshing and I welcome the change of rhythm in my work schedule.


I love winding down a day with a nice, long shower and a face mask before diving into an episode of my favorite TV shows.  I only use skin care products from Amore Pacific, as I do not like trying out different beauty products. I love their Moisture Bound line as it nourishes my skin with nutrients and lots of water.  My daily routine starts with washing my face with their enzyme peel powder, and I feel refreshed just by shedding the dirt and oil from my skin. I follow that by using their toner, hydration fluid, serums for my face and eyes, then finally applying a thick, rich cream.  The process takes about 10 minutes, but I love pampering myself with this routine twice a day - once before I start my day, and once before I go to bed. I come out of it feeling whole and refreshed.


Nothing brings me more joy than snuggling with my puppy, Pepper, on the couch, and reading a fiction book, which is usually Harry Potter.  On any given day, you might find us curled up in a blanket together, taking an afternoon nap and enjoying every moment of it!

Audrey Sze