Seven Days of Self Care

I feel like the term “self-care” has been thrown around a lot - and I’m so thrilled that it’s become such a buzz word! It serves to remind all of us to take time towards pampering and taking care of our mind and body. While everyone has their own way go-to self-care tips, below are some of my favorite combination of things to do when I’m on a date with myself, every day of the week!

Monday Night: Face Mask + Essential Oil Diffuser

You guys, I love face masks. When I think self-care, the image of a bathrobe and a face-mask on comes to mind. It’s so therapeutic to know that this little piece of soaked heaven will do wonders for your skin. If you’re up for a little DIY adventure, whip up a simple oatmeal honey face mask, it will give your skin an instant glow.

And while you’re letting it do its magic, add a few drops of essential oil into your diffuser to set the mood for your living space. My favorite blend is lavender, orange and chamomile oil for a calming and uplifting evening.

Tuesday Night: Hair Mask + Journalling

There’s something about having a hair mask on that puts me in an introspective mood. I love writing with pen and paper and the process of transferring my thoughts onto paper is a great way for me to discover and reflect. If you don’t have a habit of journaling, here are 5 ways to jumpstart a journaling habit - or a simple prompt is: “What makes me happy?” Start there, and see where your mind will take you.

Wednesday Morning: Healthy Brekkie + Music

I am a firm believer in that you feel your best when you are feeding your body with the right food. There are so many recipes but my go-to healthy breakfast is overnight oats with banana, almond milk, a dash of cinnamon and honey. Wake up a little earlier than usual, put on some relaxing tunes and make it a ritual to sit and eat as opposed to eating on the go or at your office desk. It's these little habits we take for granted that are most nourishing to the soul.

Thursday Midday: Dine Alone + The Monocle

Yup, you heard me. Being able to dine out alone is one of the scariest things - but once I got it out of my head that the people around me don’t care enough to judge, eating alone doesn’t seem so scary after all. If you’re trying it out for the first time, bring a book or magazine with you. I love reading the Monocle and I get so engrossed by it that the last thing on my mind is the fear of judgement.

Friday Evening: Netflix + Vino

I’ll let you in on this secret even though my friends will roll their eyes - my busy friday nights consist of me, myself and I. I’ve mentioned in the previous post that I love political dramas and red wine, and being the introvert that I am, after a long week of work the one thing I look forward to most is curling up to this. I’m also a grandma and if I had it my way, will be sound asleep by 11pm on weekends.

Saturday Morning: Nike + Podcast

98% of my workout consist of yoga and yoga only - but I’m really trying hard to branch out. This weather now in HK is perfect for hikes and long walks, and I find myself reaching for my nike speakers more often. It’s also a great time for me to listen to motivational podcast. My favorites at the moment are alignedCEO and The Lively Show.

Sunday Afternoon: Coffee Shop + Novel  

I seriously need to do this more - my college weekend ritual always included a trip to my local coffee shop with a good ol’ novel. I love reading fiction books, anything by Jhumpa Lahiri, Dan Brown and Ann Patchett are golden. I love this routine so much - its the one thing I do that will make me lost track of time.

I hope you enjoyed my seven days of self-care tips and that you too can try some of these out and treat yourself to some much-needed TLC.