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1. Yoga Mat

I teach private classes all over town and won’t leave my home without my sturdy mat.  I love taking this dark purple one from Gaiam - it’s light, portable and still provides enough cushioning for my bony knees.

2. Planner

The way people feel naked without a watch, I am the same without my handy planner. This one is from Muji and I’ve been using it for the past 4 years. I had the bigger size for college but switched over to this smaller one (easier on my shoulders). I love that the structure is similar to Moleskine, calendar on the left and a lot of writing room on the right, and also the soft cover makes it less bulky.

3. Laptop

I got this rose gold one as a birthday present to myself last year. It’s so so light and perfect since I carry it around everywhere I go.

4. Beauty Pouch - this is a must and makes switching bags less of a pain when you compartmentalize and can move things around easily.

pic-what's in my bag 2.jpg

Lip2Cheek, RMS Beauty - I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but the one thing I always do before I leave home is add a little color to my cheeks. This one here is from RMS Beauty and it’s an all natural beauty brand that only uses raw, food grade ingredients.

Rind Concentrate Body Balm, Aesop - Also found in every hipster cafe bathroom, this travel size lotion fits perfectly in my pouch.

Deep Forest Face Mist, Bjork & Berries - A beauty must! A face mist can freshen my face after a sweaty yoga session. I’ve been trying this one out and have to say I love the scent. A few other brands I love are Caudalie, La Roche Posay or my DIY tea mist.

Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll-on, Young Living - Hmm I love peppermint oil, it’s potent, calming and so refreshing, and it’s the main ingredient in this handy dandy essential oil roller. Just a dab on my neck or wrist for a little pick-me-up.

Big Eyes Mascara, Maybelline - Can’t go wrong with Maybelline. I bought this one from a drugstore in Japan, it’s probably psychological but I always think it works better than the ones in Hong Kong.

Hairclip, Alexandre de Paris - they make the sturdiest hair accessories. I have naturally poofy, frizzy hair and this emergency item can keep everything together on those humid summer days.

Grapefruit Cologne, Jo Malone - You can tell how much I love this travel-size product by its label, which is completely smudged and peeling off. This scent is citrusy, fresh and uplifting.

5. Goyard Tote Bag

I love this tote - it’s light, durable and can carry so much - honestly the perfect everday bag. It’s sturdy like a Longchamp but looks a little more refined. It’s definitely a splurge but I say it’s totally worth it!

6. Proenza Schouler Wallet

This wallet has been with me for the past 3 years - it’s completely worn down but I love it to bits. I prefer long wallets - they can hold cash and receipts without creasing.

7. Ray Ban Sunnies

Keepin' it old-school, these also makes me feel invincible (like John Lennon).

And that’s it! What are your everyday essentials? Let me know in the comments below what you carry in your bag!