5 (Random) Things Most People Don’t Know About Me  

  1. My favorite cartoon character growing up was Snoopy. I could (and still can) draw Snoopy with my eyes closed because I use to doodle his face all over my planners and next to my name.
  2. I absolutely love political dramas - they are my favorite. House of Cards, Madam Secretary, Designated Survivor, The Good Wife … what can I say I can’t resist a good ol’ conspiracy theory.
  3. I would call myself an artist up until college. I took many art classes growing up - I even convinced my high school art teacher to make me a TA for a watercolor class that I had already taken just so I could do more of it! My favorite mediums are oil and watercolor and if I wasn’t a yoga teacher, I’d probably be a children’s art teacher.
  4. I’m obsessed with dogs - so much so that as a child I’d memorize dog breeds. I recently took a “guess the dog breed mix” quiz online and got 100%. I guess these random facts are more useful than people would believe. :P
  5. I can be social and chatty when I’m around people - but I am definitely an introvert and need my alone time to chill out and relax. My favorite down-time include netflix, red wine and pampering my body with DIY beauty projects.
Audrey Sze