My Mindful Evening Routine

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As someone who struggles with insomnia and shutting my brain off at night, I have developed an evening routine that has helped me stay zen and in perfect condition for a good night’s sleep. I’ve personally benefited massively from adopting healthy and realistic habits, and would love to share my routine to give you insight into this winning formula to a sweeter snooze.

*Just to be clear - before I begin - I’d like to point out that this is a regular evening routine for me, but that doesn’t mean I follow it to the book every evening. I’m only human, and I enjoy the regular night out.. But this is generally how most of my weekdays look like.*

7:00pm // Dinner for 2  

This looks different every night, but since it’s been so cold, my go-to meal has been a miso-dashi noodle soup or salmon over whatever-veg I could find in my fridge. Martin and I start cooking at around 7 and usually start eating at 7:30pm. We’re huge fans of quick dinner meals and red vino.


8:30pm // Cuddle time with The Pup and The BF

After dinner, I love to cuddle with my doxie Ollie. He is so playful and never refuses a game of tug-o-war or fetch. Either that, or we’ll usually curl up to an episode of whatever TV show we’re into - right now it’s Madam Secretary!


9:30pm // Take Ollie out for a quick 10-15 minute walk

I’ll throw on a sweater and take Ollie out for his last walk of the day. He loves his walks so much he’ll probably have his leash in-mouth as soon as I get out of the couch.


9:45pm // Self Care sans Electronics

I’ll dim the lights in the apartment and make a conscious effort not to look at any screens - unless it’s to change the music. I like playing jazzy instrumental tunes at night, light a candle or use my essential oil diffuser, while I get on with my pampering. I like to soak in a salt + essential oil bath, or throw on a face mask, and do some writing. I try to journal freely a few times a night, but that generally only happens on weekends. Instead, I focus on the “wins” of the day (things I’ve accomplished) and a list of to-do’s for the next day.

On the topic of writing, I LOVE physically writing things out, I find my best pieces come from writing things out on pen and paper, and that applies to writing out checklists as well. Man, I love being able to check off my accomplishments and see my to-do list get shorter and shorter.


10:45-11pm // Lights Out!

Martin would probably agree that ideally, we’d get to bed by 10:30, but realistically we don’t get to bed until 10:45-11pm. I find that I can wake up so much easier in the morning when I can go to bed by 10:30 - and naturally wake-up before 7am - so that’s something we’ll work on achieving!

So, there it is, my evening routine, most weeknights of the week. I’m naturally not a morning person, but the nature of being a yoga teacher means teaching early in the morning, so it helps to have an evening routine that will ensure I get a good rest and nourish my body for another day on the job.




Audrey Sze