Hi there, my name is Audrey Sze.

I’m a certified yoga teacher, proud parent to a silly dachshund, and a nutrition coach living in Hong Kong. I am obsessed with all things health and wellness, pickles (and pickling food), going to the beach, anything written by Jhumpa Lahiri, Scandinavian designs and DIY face masks. 


The Story

Yoga came into my life during a pretty difficult period. After college, I moved back to Hong Kong after spending almost a decade living in the US, where I had to adjust to moving home, starting a job that didn’t feel right, all while juggling the ups and downs of depression and anxiety. I went to a yoga class as a desperate attempt to help myself; next thing you know, one class became 3 classes a week. I was hooked, and the rest was history. 

Yoga to me is first and foremost a mental discipline, it helps me stay calm, relaxed and at peace with all that is around me. It has allowed me to surrender what I cannot control while also work towards greater personal discipline. My goal as a yoga teacher is to share the amazing benefits to all - nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing the smile and serenity on my students’ face after a class. I LIVE for these moments! 


What inspired The Olive Yogi? 

I am always that one friend sharing makeup tips, new meal prep recipes or DIY beauty ingredients. I love being able to share my knowledge to help others live healthier. I believe that wellness is important and I wish to unfold the often complex and overwhelming world of wellness through easy-to-follow content. 

And for those wondering, olive is one of my favourite colour and snack.